Brushed Copper on Black Two Color Acrylic

Two-color acrylic is modified with styrene to improve impact resistance and flexibility. This also lowers the melting point of the material and means the material along the cut edge is not as cleanly vaporized as with standard acrylic. Great for engraving details such as text and labels, two-color acrylic is cut without paper on the top surface as it produces the best engraving results. Caution is advised for very detailed, intricate cut outs & large areas of engraving as the build-up of heat can cause the sheet to deform. Area engraving may result in powder buildup on the top surface, which may need additional cleaning once parts are received. The top layer has a brushed copper appearance. Grain direction will always run horizontally relative to the part orientation on the computer screen.

Same day turnaround

Brushed Copper on Black Two Color Acrylic example product.

Design specifications

Maximum sheet size

23.5 x 11.5in

Kerf width


Minimum thickness


Maximum thickness


Minimum overall part


Minimum feature size


Minimum engraving detail


Mechanical properties

Ultimate tensile strength

70 MPa

Yield strength

70 MPa

Young's modulus

2.90 GPa

Elongation at break

8 %


96 HNC

Physical properties

Corrosion resistance




UV resistance



1.18 g/cm3

Electrical properties

Electrical resistivity

14-16 x 10^15

Post treatments

Affixable Properties

Chemical, Mechanical

Thermal properties

Maximum service temperature

60 – 90 °C

Thermal expansion coefficient

65 µm/m-°C

Thermal conductivity

0.19 - 0.2 W/(m⋅°C)