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Black on Silver Laserable Magnet

This material is a black magnetic PET with a thin layer of black plastic on top and a silver layer sandwiched between them. Designs are engraved through the top black layer to reveal the silver underneath. This material will stick to any ferrous/magnetic surface including those which are curved. The attraction force is moderate and works best in full contact with the surface to which it is sticking. Additionally, particles from cutting lines will stick to your designs. These can be brushed off or blown off with compressed air. This material arrives without protective paper or film so some surface marking is possible. It is also cut without paper on the top surface to produces the best engraving results. Engraving reveals the silver material underneath. Since the top layer is very thin, the underlying substrate is sometimes visible along the cut line as well - this is most noticeable in corners or angles of your design.

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Black on Silver Laserable Magnet example product.

Design specifications

Maximum sheet size

600.00 x 300.00mm

Kerf width


Minimum thickness


Maximum thickness


Minimum overall part


Minimum feature size


Minimum engraving detail