Birch Plywood

A basic multi-layer birch plywood. This thin plywood has a consistently smooth finish that requires very little sanding and takes paint and varnish well. It laser cuts with a dark edge and engraving does not go through the top ply. The inherent tension in the grain of the wood and the way it is constructed means the panels can warp after manufacturing. This is the nature of the material. Be aware of this when designing for birch plywood. Both sides of this plywood can have small oval shaped patches which are color-matched to the surrounding material. Tight pin knots, as well as some light mineral streaks, may be present. Inner cores are solid single piece veneers. (Note: tone of 0.4mm birch is darker than other birch plywood thicknesses.)

Same day turnaround

Birch Plywood example product.

Design specifications

Maximum sheet size

31.1 x 15.1in

Kerf width


Minimum thickness


Maximum thickness


Minimum overall part


Minimum feature size


Minimum engraving detail


Mechanical properties

Ultimate tensile strength

30 MPa

Physical properties