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I designed this catapult so that it can be 100% 3d printed even in PLA (which is what I used). You can easily scale the springs and lever up or down for a perfect fit onto the frame. This catapult can shoot up to 20 feet. You can adjust the spring tension by rotating the springs by 90 degress on the pegs.

The frame will require a small amount of support, so make sure to enable support in your slicer. The picture shown includes the logo 'Series 1' as that is the type of printer I printed it with, but I removed that logo from the STL file for a cleaner look.

You can see a video of it in action here:

USD $ 2.99 JD-3D would like to share their product with the following license All Rights Reserved Read the fine print of this license Buy design files › Once purchased these files can be downloaded immediately.

Reviews of The Guardian Catapult - 100% 3D Printed

Frank says:

At first everything looks good, but then the spring file is non-manifold. This may work in Skeinforge, but Slic3r doesn't slice it. It should be repaired before sold.

Also the Frame is only printable with support if it's fdm printed. This could probably beeing told in the description. Also the sold version doesn't contain the text on the frame.

Added almost 5 years ago. ( delete )
Jonas says:

@Helmi - Thank you for the valuable feedback. I have repaired the spring STL file so that it will slice in Slic3r without any warnings (the previous version gave warnings but still seemed to slice ok). I also added a note in the description that the frame will require a small amount of support, and that the 'Series 1' logo was removed (I figured people wouldn't want that logo plastered on their print). But let me know if you do want a version with the logo and I can probably include it in the file set. Thanks. JD-3D.

Added almost 5 years ago. ( delete )
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