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Tetrahex puzzle pieces, 8 sets (56 pieces) Buy files now › USD $ 2.50
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This is the design file for the tetrahex puzzle pieces in my showroom. From a P2 (15.75" x 15.75") sheet It makes 56 pieces: 8 copies of each of the 7 tetrahex shapes.

The photos show one set of 7 pieces, and one of the many shapes you can make from a set. The third image shows (as blue lines) the cuts made by the laser as it cuts the pieces out of the square sheet.

As of Sept 23 2012, Ponoko will make this design from 3 mm acrylic for:
$10.99 (material) + $18.57 (laser-cutting) + approx. $11 (shipping by UPS ground to lower 48 U.S. states).

USD $ 2.50 TFisherYork would like to share their product with the following license Public Domain Read the fine print of this license Buy design files › Once purchased this file can be downloaded immediately.

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