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Tetrahex puzzle pieces, 8 sets (56 pieces). Buy now › USD $ 32.00
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There are 7 possible different 'tetrahex' shapes, as shown in the photos. This item consists of 8 sets (i.e. 56 pieces, 8 of each of the 7 shapes).

The main photo shows one set of 7 pieces. A crayon and a coin (US quarter) are shown for scale. The other photo shows 1 of the many shapes you can make with these 7 pieces. I have deliberately left small gaps between the pieces so you can see the individual pieces more easily. The pieces actually fit together very precisely. The white fuzzy blobs visible on some of the pieces are reflections of clouds.

The acrylic sheet has paper backing on both sides during laser cutting, and this paper will still be attached when you receive it. You will need to peel the paper off yourself.

Material options and prices (All prices are in US$ and exclude shipping costs):

This item is available in the following options:

Acrylic, 3 mm thick.

Acrylic sheet, 40 cm x 40 cm x 3 mm thick. (15.75" x 15.75" x aprox. 1/8" thick.)
Blue is the standard color. Other colors are available for the same price; contact the designer for details.

$32.00 Buy this option

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UPS Ground. U.S. except Alaska, Hawaii.

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