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This puzzle has only 10 different pieces but 176 different solutions to fit those pieces into the fish-shaped tray. The pieces consist of all the permutations of connecting 4 fish scales together. This means that the pieces can all fit together with each other in a multitude of ways. With so many solutions and so few pieces, you might think that this is an easy puzzle, but it isn't. The solver is often left with one or two pieces at the end that don't fit the space that is left. Most people will need to backtrack and try again and again.

This item could be cut from several different colors of tinted acylic and then the pieces switched around between them to produce several multi-colored puzzles. For example, make 1 complete set of fish pieces in each of 5 colors and use 2 pieces of each color in each of 5 puzzles. Using a P1 size for the puzzle with a 3mm white acrylic base, the cost of the materials is $4.48 per puzzle.


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