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Screen Cheating Shield; 29 Inch Buy now › USD $ 16.00
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Prevent & stop multiplayer split screen cheating (AKA screen looking, screen watching, screen peeking, screen jumping, screen hopping, screen checking, screening) with the Screen Cheating Shield.


Let's face it-- cheaters gonna cheat! Oh sure, they try to justify it by saying, "It's all good, you can see my screen too, bro." Yeah right, we know they've been up all night studying the maps... Well, it's time to really level the playing field and see who has skills. Heretofore, we will no longer accept fraudulent defeat from our little brothers, lazy sons, best friends or deadbeat suitemates. Now is the time to unite to stop this growing scourge known as screen cheating. Together, we can help suffering noobs everywhere get a fair shake. Join with us now, and buy a Screen Cheating Shield as a gift for the cheaters in your life!

The Screen Cheating Shield Cardboard Kit simplifies construction of a quality shield for use on your screen. This shield splits your screen into (2), (3) or (4) viewable regions. By creating separate viewing regions, cheaters are prevented from looking at another player's HUD and location and from gaining an unfair advantage; in other words, cheaters are forced to see if they actually have any real skills. Simply assemble and tape the shield into position. Trim as necessary to fit your screen. Will fit a screen with maximum overall width of 29 inches.

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Single Layer Corrugated Cardboard

Made from single layer corrugated cardboard and single layer corrugated cardboard

$16.00 Buy this option

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