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Radio controller casing for my models. Buy files now › USD $ 5.00
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If you finished your locomotive model or simply need casing for a radio transmitter - here is one.
It was designed to fit 3xAA battery holder and AVT5290 radio module.

To learn about the assembly please take a look at this PDF instruction:

>>No support is needed during printing
>>Printers with small bed sizes will do fine (13x14 cm bed is OK)
>>No special tools are needed during assembly of printed parts (I use metal nail file for finishing places where excessive material remained)
>>The model's dimensions after assembly are: 139x110x44 mm (5.47x4.33x1.73 in).

The rules of license you buy purchasing this 3D model are:
1.You are allowed to prepare physical objects based on this digital 3D model in a number reflecting your personal, non-commercial needs.
2.You are NOT allowed to use this digital 3D model as an element of any commercial activity.
3.You are allowed to do what you like with the produced objects: e.g. exhibit, sell, but with regard to [1].

I'll be happy to help you in case of any questions.
General support contact is:
e-mail: contact[at]euroreprap.eu

USD $ 5.00 EUROREPRAP-EU would like to share their product with the following license All Rights Reserved Read the fine print of this license Buy design files › Once purchased these files can be downloaded immediately.

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