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Maze Maker is an assemble-to-play 3D maze.
You can challenge each other with your own designs.

Now with improved design and delivered to you directly from Ponoko*, realizing better price and faster delivery time.

You assemble the maze by stacking the acrylic pieces together. There are a short version(9cm) and a long version(12cm) you can make, depending on which stick you use.
The disks have some part of them cut out to make grooves when assembled.
The ring shaped piece has a head that you navigate through the grooves to the other side.
A little instruction will be emailed to you in PDF format when you purchase the product, but please don't hesitate to ask any questions before purchasing!

See the maze in action here:

Made with 2 acrylic sheets, P1 in 0.12 inches thickness.
1 long stick(12cm) and 1 short stick(9cm), the ring piece, about 50 disks and a few pegs.
You can pick any color of P1 sized acrylic Ponoko has for each sheets. If you are interested in any other color combinations than listed here please let me know.

*Since it will be shipped directly to you, you would have to peel off the protection shield yourself.
It's very easy to do once you got the hang of it(See the 5th image). Some fine adjustments maybe required such as slightly sanding off the peg for better fit. I cannot guarantee a perfect fit as the thickness of the material varies slightly, although when I receive the products it usually doesn't need adjustment. If you would like a perfectly adjusted set, please consider the pre-assembled version:
Pre-assembled version comes with a little carry bag.

Material options and prices (All prices are in US$ and exclude shipping costs):

This item is available in the following options:

Grey & White

Acrylic - Grey TINT
Acrylic - White

$70.00 Buy this option

Double White

Acrylic - White
Acrylic - White

$70.00 Buy this option

The Original

Acrylic - Grey TINT
Acrylic - Green

$70.00 Buy this option

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New Zealand, Australia & America


Europe & Asia

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