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This is a unique puzzlebox design that uses a grid of interlocking pins to hold the box shut. Sliding the pins in or out in the correct order unlocks the box. There are 9 steps required to open it. The outer dimensions are 4.6in x 5.25in x 7.8in. The storage cavity has dimensions of 3.8in x 3.9in x 4in. The photo of the box is a prototype that does not have windows to see the interior. The rendered image is representative of the as-purchased design. Windows were added after beta testing to make the solution more logic based rather than a brute force effort.
Be advised that there are of 53 pieces, so assembly of this box is not for the faint of heart. You will need the attached assembly instructions. The only tools required are wood glue and a piece of sand paper to break some of the corners after assembly.

USD $ 15.00 pZSy846N would like to share their product with the following license All Rights Reserved Read the fine print of this license Buy design files › Once purchased this file can be downloaded immediately.

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