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This is Mario world! Included is a Goomba, who is made of clay. Goomba can be slid across the base by moving the slider. Also included is a Piranha Plant who pops out of his pipe when his slider is moved. All this is set to the classic mario level one background with a blue sky, little knoll and cloud.


Sky blue poster/foam board (Background)
Brown spray paint or construction paper. (Base Cover)
Cardboard (Base)
Paper towel tube (Pipe)
Shinny green wrapping paper (Pipe)
Molding clay (Goomba)
Googlie eyes (Goomba)
Black felt (Goomba)
Styrofoam craft ball (Piranha Plant)
Green straw (Piranha Plant)
Red paint (Piranha Plant)
Coat hanger (Slider Mechanisms)
Wire nuts (Slider Mechanisms)
Rubber band (Slider Mechanisms)
Green and white acrylic plastic (Cloud and Hill)

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