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Marble Madness is a two or four player game. It’s a little bit of luck, a little bit of strategy, and a lot of fun. Object of the game is to be the first player or team to get your marble to the bottom of the tower.

How to play:


Players must roll a 6 before they can put their marble into the tower. Until that time they can rotate discs in preparation. This helps to scramble the tower and ensure than no one has an unfair advantage.

Marbles are placed into the side opposite the player. This means that the player cannot see their own marble, only their opponents.

Players roll the die to determine which discs can be rotated. Each disc is numbered and a move is a quarter turn of the disc. Discs may be rotated in either direction. Moves may be combined based on the total roll of the die.


Player rolls 5
Player can rotate (1/4 turn) disc 2 once, and disc 3 once for a total of 5.
Player could rotate (1/4 turn) disc 1 three times, and disc 2 once, again for a total of 5.

Player rolls 3
Disc 3 x 1=3
Disc 2 x 1 + Disc 1 x 1 =3
Disc 1 x 3 =3

A player must play the total of his or her roll.

Each disc has only one hole and by watching the rotation of the discs players will be able to anticipate how many turns it will take for the hole to rotate opposite them and allow their marble to drop, however since they cannot actually see their own marble they are guessing their progress based on sounds and the reactions of their opponent. Ideally the player will have an idea how far they have progressed through the tower and attempt to align the discs in preparation.

Conversely, because a player can see the progress of their opponents marble they must use strategy in an attempt to block or trick their opponent into false moves.

When playing a 4 player game, it can be played in one of two ways:

Cooperative, where opposing players work together as a team and the game ends when both marbles have exited the tower


Every man for himself, where the first person to exit the tower wins.

The tower is made of a combination of 3mm acrylic. One colour for the sides and dividers, One colour for the discs, and clear for the window that holds the marble in.

Finished tower is 20cm high and 10cm square. The only extra component required for assembly is a 2mm x 18cm rod for the discs to rotate on. Also suggest rubber or felt feet for the bottom to avoid scratching.

2-4 Marbles and a single die are required for gameplay.

Kid tested, teacher approved!

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