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Born on an alternate Earth where the Confederacy won the American Civil War, Henry led a violent revolt, freeing his fellow slaves from the Applewhite plantation. Chased by the vengeful Abner Applewhite, the last of his clan, Henry and Abner were possessed by minions of the Faceless One and drawn into another reality. Over one-hundred and fifty years later, Henry was freed from his demonic possession by the mysterious Doctor Solomon. Since that time, Henry has adapted to life in the Multiverse. Making a name for himself as hired muscle in the Nexus City underworld, Henry was soon hired on by the Lost Agency, and with that advancement, his reputation grew beyond the bounds of the seedy hub-world. Slayer of monsters, savior of the downtrodden, and agent of justice, Henry is known across the Multiverse for his deeds. Since the disbanding of the Lost Agency, he has retreated to the solace of his farm in the refugee colony, Reverie. However, having made powerful enemies during his many adventures, its only a matter of time before they find him.... Henry is modeled in 28mm scale

USD $ 5.00 2N5lFcW6 would like to share their product with the following license Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike license Read the fine print of this license Buy design files › Once purchased this file can be downloaded immediately.

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