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This is exactly like the toy you remember, only bigger and with more options. Each plate is cut from 3mm clear acrylic, is 7" (18cm) across, and includes a variety of rings and gears in several sizes. The individual plates work as self-contained sets, or they can be combined with each other to make an ever-increasing number of different patterns.

The laser-cut plates will be shipped directly from Ponoko to you, which means that you'll need to provide your own pins, pin-board (I recommend foamcore), and pens. NOTE! This drawing tool uses pins with sharp points. It is not recommended that you give it to a small child (or foolish grown-up person) who might eat the pins. Eating pins is pretty much always a bad idea.

There's a slightly longer discussion of pins and pens on my page of notes, which also addresses the problem of pen-skid: http://polychroma.com/spiro-info.html

This listing is for three plates: 150, 144, and 84. However, if you'd like a different set of three (or even three all the same), please send me a message. There are a lot of possible patterns once you combine the parts from all three plates. I've made a printable PDF of inside patterns, which may be found here: http://polychroma.com/spiro/patternguide.pdf

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Clear Acrylic

Made from 3mm clear acrylic.

$105.00 Buy this option

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Reviews of Cycloidal Scribbling-Engine Starter Set

Jon says:

You can really make some very quick and beautiful artwork with these! I think they'd be a perfect gift for just about anybody!


Added almost 9 years ago. ( delete )
lauren says:

This is great, I really would love to buy this. But $99? Is it possible to make it out of a cheaper material or somehow lower the price?

Added over 8 years ago. ( delete )
fanny says:

amazing and perfect ! you will really need the plate 75 and 80 to complete the set. no regret at all.

Added about 5 years ago. ( delete )
Jonathan says:

Well worth the price. Very sturdy pieces, cleanly and precisely cut (no tags or spurs). Researched similar products. The new, mass-produced Spirograph is definitely cheaper, but from the reviews, it's also somewhat flimsy--the pieces are thin and bend and warp easily. Damaging the Cycloidal Scribbling-Engine pieces would actually take some effort (or extreme carelessness). Bought both the starter set and additional plates. Every piece has pin holes, so you can potentially use every piece with every other piece, for a huge variety of options and designs.

Added almost 5 years ago. ( delete )
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