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Inspired by Hofstander's triplets that appear on the cover of Gödel Escher Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid, this puzzle's challenge is to put together a transparent cube.

However, one must work in several black pieces into the cube. When placed correctly, each of the 3 faces will reveal a different pair of letters. "Po" for Ponoko, "Cc" for Crystalline Cube, and "Re" for Rethinker Industries. Placing these black pieces is the key element of the puzzle that separates it from other cubic puzzles, as it requires planning and spatial ability.

The puzzle itself was designed with human nature in mind. Not only was this used against the solver to make the puzzle harder, but there are numerous pieces that will be tricky to incorporate. These are shaped like familiar objects, which keeps it enjoyable to put together (while cursing the "little-man" piece).

The puzzle can be made easier by allowing for missing pieces, which will not show when the cube is topped off. This is unlike traditional puzzles, because of the transparency of the material & its 3D nature.

To add replay value, extra black pieces are included which allows for one to create their own triplets & puzzles.

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