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Architext: a word-building game Buy files now › USD $ 50.00
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Stack up etched transparent tiles. When the tiles are overlaid, the etchings can create all the letters of the alphabet. The game comes with an etched black acrylic carrying case with built-in tile racks for two players. The correct forms of all the letters are included on both sides of the case for easy reference.

Game for two players:
Each player starts by drawing 5 transparent tiles from the pile.
On each turn, the player draws 3 tiles. She must place three tiles on the board, begin to create a word. Once placed, the tiles cannot be moved on a later turn. The player may also place the three tiles on an existing word construction. If the player completes a word by finishing all the letters correctly, she gets to keeps all the tiles in that word (to be place in a "winnings" pile, and can immediately draw and play 3 more tiles. When all the tiles are exhausted, the player with the most wins.

USD $ 50.00 IvARhX3LKhMpUtwB would like to share their product with the following license All Rights Reserved Read the fine print of this license Buy design files › Once purchased these files can be downloaded immediately.

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