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3D Chess Set Not for sale
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At the turn of the 19th century, a game of 3D chess was invented by the name of Raumschach. Soon after this, coffee houses were opened specifically for the playing of the game. But what has happened to it since? Here is a new Raumschach board, ready for you to bring it into the 21st century 100 years later.

The board is made of crystal clear acrylic, and the pieces in two shades of tinted grey.

(note: this item will eventually be offered for sale. It is currently in development to ensure ease of assembly.)

Reviews of 3D Chess Set

Dan says:

I would REALLY love to see this design or finished product go up for sale. I am really intrigued no only by this board design but also by the pieces themselves.

Added over 9 years ago. ( delete )
Paul says:

I too am especially interested in this board as apparently they are impossible to find elsewhere :/ lol

Added almost 8 years ago. ( delete )
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