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0101 BINARY D0M1N0ES Not for sale
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A binary domino puzzle game where matching pieces interlock with each other. Each side of each piece has puzzle notches matching the binary representation of the face number. A 3 is 0011 for example. The puzzle design adds an extra level of fun and the potential for new game variations. Dominoes go up to double 15 to give you 0000 through 1111. 136 game pieces.

I've had this idea for a while, but Ponoko provided this opportunity to prototype it. This is my first design submitted to Ponoko. The EPS also has some test pieces I intend to use to help improve the design in the next phase.

FYI, the 3D renders show the pips as black spots. The spots are engraved and will be ink/paint stained. I've chosen orange plexiglass but other materials would also work.

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