Ripstop Nylon - Grey

0.006 inches

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What is it

With high strength and durability, Ripstop Nylon is a great choice for functional designs.

How fast will this material ship?

Orders using this material will ship as fast as same day. Find out more.

Can I get a sample?

You can get a sample here.

Design Notes

Ripstop Nylon is a fabric made of woven nylon. It is breathable and has a durable water repellant (DWR) coating on both sides.

The laser melts and fuses the edge for a crisp finish that resists fraying. Cut details remain strong.

This material is not cut with protective paper so some flashing may be visible along the laser cut edge.

Look & Feel

This fabric has a matte woven finish with a visible hexagonal pattern. Grid pattern may not be perfectly straight when placed in the machine.

Engraving Ripstop Nylon

Engraving ripstop nylon isn't recommended. The material is too thin and the engraving burns right through. Dashed cutting lines might be a more reliable way to create markings for folds etc.

Ideal uses

Tote bags, stuff sacks, backpacks, hats, or any application where durable yet relatively lightweight fabric is needed.

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