Peel & Stick Veneer - Bamboo - Amber

0.024 inches

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What is it

Premium grade real bamboo veneer with pressure sensitive adhesive backing.

How fast will this material ship?

Orders using this material will ship as fast as same day. Find out more.

Can I get a sample?

You can get a sample here.

Design notes

Veneer is quite flexible along the grain and can be applied to curved surfaces.

Grain direction will always run horizontal as drawn on the computer screen.

The inherent tension in the grain of the wood and the way it is constructed means your final piece may have a slight curve or warp. This can be corrected by weighing the sheet down with a heavy flat object for 24 - 28 hours. Or simply peel and stick the item onto a flat surface.

The manufacturers tolerance for the thickness of the materials is as follows:

Material thicknessPossible Range
0.024โ€ / .6mm 0.020โ€ - 0.028โ€0.5 - 0.7mm

Engraving Bamboo Veneer

There are 3 types of engraving possible with laser cutting. Area engraving, line engraving and a combination of both.

Area engraving is great it you need to mark a large area on the surface of the material. To specify area engraving set your shapes to have a fill color of black with RGB values of 0, 0, 0. The way this engraving is performed is like an old dot matrix printer except instead of dots of ink it uses pulses of the laser beam. This is a surface finish not deep enough to be used for pocketing or inlays. The depth of the engraving ranges between 0.2-0.3mm.

Line engraving is like a really shallow cut. To achieve this effect the stroke color to red with RGB values of 255, 0, 0 and set the stroke style to a width of 0.01 mm. The laser beam follows along the red lines that you have in your design and marks the surface of the material. The result is crisp but it can be a time consuming technique if you have a lot of small details like text.

Using a combination of both engraving types typically gets the best result. Set your shapes to have a fill color of black with RGB values of 0, 0, 0, the stroke color to red with RGB values of 255, 0, 0, and set the stroke style to a width of 0.01 mm. The line engraving causes the laser beam to trace around the edges of the engraved areas making them more crisp and bringing the details to life.

Typical uses

Stickers, decals, smartphone backing, jewelry, signs and automotive interior work. You can use different styles of wood veneer together to inlay decorative marquetry patterns.

Environmental info

Bamboo is 100% renewable.

Adhesives, joints & fastenings

Since this paper-backed veneer is a real wood product, it can be stained/dyed easily and requires no special top-coats or finishes.

The PSA needs a smooth, non-porous surface to stick to. Sanding the surface prior to installation is not recommended as it will not stick to raw wood.

Peel & Stick Veneer can be pre-finished before installation.

Tips from other designers

Underground says:

Is the adhesive for this material essentially permanent? Or can the material be removed later?

Added almost 3 years ago. ( delete )
Jason says:

Hi Brian,

The adhesive is intended to be permanent, but needs a clean smooth surface and to be applied with pressure and/or heat to for a good bond. It's possible it could be easily removable on certain surfaces, but not re-positionable. You'll need to test a small piece on the surface in question to know exactly how hard it will be to remove.

Added almost 3 years ago. ( delete )
Mitchell says:

...you show the veneer on the back of a smartphone. I would think that a potential consumer would want to be assured that the veneer could be removed from the back of their expensive phone without damaging the phone. Has this been tested? Can you offer any guidlines? Do you offer the veneers in this thickness without the adhesive?

Added almost 3 years ago. ( delete )
Dayma says:

Hi Mitchell, thanks for your suggestion. Just like any project, we can not assure that it will work, only that our quality will be top notch. And if you'd like to test or prototype a design to be assured about it, we'd recommend that. We do not have a step by step for this project. We currently do not offer these veneers without adhesive backing.

Added almost 3 years ago. ( delete )

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