Premium Veneer MDF - Walnut

0.137 inches

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What is it

Premium Veneered MDF has an MDF core with real wood laminate on each side which is sanded smooth and finished with a clear coat.

How fast will this material ship?

Orders using this material will ship as fast as same day. Find out more.

Can I get a sample?

You can get a sample here.

Design Notes

Premium Veneered MDF has a high grade appearance and is consistent in thickness. Laser cuts with a dark edge and engraving does not go through to the MDF.

Grain direction will always run horizontal as drawn on the computer screen.

The manufacturers tolerance for the thickness of the materials is as follows:

Material thicknessPossible Range
0.137โ€ / 3.5mm0.117โ€ - 0.158โ€3.0 - 4.0mm

Engraving Premium Veneered MDF

There are 3 types of engraving possible with laser cutting. Area engraving, line engraving and a combination of both.

Area engraving is great it you need to mark a large area on the surface of the material. To specify area engraving set your shapes to have a fill color of black with RGB values of 0, 0, 0. The way this engraving is performed is like an old dot matrix printer except instead of dots of ink it uses pulses of the laser beam. This is a surface finish not deep enough to be used for pocketing or inlays. The depth of the engraving ranges between 0.2-0.3mm.

Line engraving is like a really shallow cut. To achieve this effect the stroke color to red with RGB values of 255, 0, 0 and set the stroke style to a width of 0.01 mm. The laser beam follows along the red lines that you have in your design and marks the surface of the material. The result is crisp but it can be a time consuming technique if you have a lot of small details like text.

Using a combination of both engraving types typically gets the best result. Set your shapes to have a fill color of black with RGB values of 0, 0, 0, the stroke color to red with RGB values of 255, 0, 0, and set the stroke style to a width of 0.01 mm. The line engraving causes the laser beam to trace around the edges of the engraved areas making them more crisp and bringing the details to life.

Typical Uses

Veneered MDF is commonly used for making jewelry, housewares, coasters, clocks, signs, plaques. Not suitable for exterior use.

Adhesives, joints and fastenings

Construction adhesives will bond MDF well. Follow the adhesive manufacturer's instructions for application processes. Screw joints should be pre-drilled to avoid splitting.

Tips from other designers

W. Aaron says:

My piece was lighter than pictured. The clear coat makes the piece seem cheap and fake. Sanded and applied better coat, but would not order this series again.

Added about 5 years ago. ( delete )
Dan says:

@W.Aaron - Sorry to hear that the color of the material you received differed from the photos. Being a natural material the veneers will differ in color between different batches.
We also have an unfinished veneer MDF if you'd prefer to order it without the clear coat - http://www.ponoko.com/make-and-sell/show-material/85-veneer-mdf-walnut

Added about 5 years ago. ( delete )
Gabriel says:

The pictures show the product mate, but my parts are glossy. It's not bad. The thing about the unfinished veneer is that it's way thicker.
In my case, the laser burnt the varnish (which turned brownish) a little near the corners on the cutting side. I would suggest to cut the parts from the backside (i.e. do a mirror of the sketch).

Added almost 5 years ago. ( delete )
Dan says:

Hi Gabriel! - Thanks for the tips!

Added almost 5 years ago. ( delete )
Rebecca says:

Very disappointed with this "premium veneer." It is clearly walnut sapwood which is very light in color. Doesn't at all match my wood floors or furniture as intended. When you think of "premium" grade hardwood you think of heartwood. I understand there are color variations in wood which I love! This is misleading and misrepresented by the picture.

Added over 4 years ago. ( delete )
Dayma says:

Hi Rebecca, we're sorry to hear the color tone of the wood wasn't to your liking. If you feel it's color is so far removed from the images displayed above, please email as some clear quality photos of what you received to service@ponoko.com and we'll look at how we can fix this up for you :)

Added over 4 years ago. ( delete )
Rebecca says:

I have to say, Ponoko did a really great job responding to the issue I had with this material. They recut my design and the Walnut Veneer material was top quality. Beautiful; just like the pictured material.

Added over 4 years ago. ( delete )

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