Mylar - Clear

0.004 inches

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What is it

A clear transparent acid free, archival polyester film.

How fast will this material ship?

Orders using this material will ship as fast as same day. Find out more.

Can I get a sample?

You can get a sample here.

Design Notes

Mylar is a temperature stable, moisture resistant thin sheet material. It is crystal clear transparent.

Mylar laser cuts very well, down to very delicate detail.

Small light pieces can shift or get sucked into exhaust during cutting, so provisions need to be made for this at the design stage. Small parts may need to be tabbed into a larger piece.

Engraving Mylar

Because mylar is such a thin material, any engraving will compromise its structure, and the mylar will snap along any straight engraving line if pressure is applied.

Line engraving is the only engraving type for this material.

Line engraving is like a really shallow cut. To achieve this effect the stroke color to red with RGB values of 255, 0, 0 and set the stroke style to a width of 0.01 mm. The laser beam follows along the red lines that you have in your design and marks the surface of the material. The result is crisp but it can be a time consuming technique if you have a lot of small details like text.

Typical Uses

Mylar is commonly used for making stencils, packaging, architectural models, PCB stencils etc

Environmental Information

Mylaris made from polyester. Check with your municipality to see if this is recyclable in your area.

Adhesives, joints and fastenings

Mylar can be bonded with 3M C77 contact spray adhesive, 3M Scotch-Grip High Performance Contact Adhesive #1357. Other adhesives and glues will peel off the material surface once dry.

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