How to sell product plans. Display design files in your Showroom...

1. Prepare it

Create product plans (design files) yourself, buy the plans or get plans for free. It's best to make products for real so you have photos to illustrate the design as a real product.

Remember you can edit and mashup the designs you download from Ponoko to create something completely original. Just remember to abide by the designer's copyright license.

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List it

3. List it

Add photos of your design together with a description and pricing information. It's also a good idea to add tags and a personal profile.

Want to sell your finished product?

Read the sell your product steps

License it

4. License it

Choose how you want to license your design copyright. You can select from a range of Creative Commons licenses.

Sell it

5. Sell it

People view your product plans in the Ponoko Showroom and click to buy directly from you using their credit card or PayPal account. This means you get pre-paid.

More help & resources

Selling costs Selling FAQs

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6. Download it

People can automatically download your product plans once they have paid you and agreed to the copyright license you've selected.

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