Get making Jeff's table breakdown

Jeff's table design

1. Imagine it

Jeff is a web designer who has never made furniture before, but he's used to using design software.

He's got a design for a table in mind and needs to know what he has to do to make it using Ponoko.

2. Design it

Jeff downloads the starter kit and chooses his materials and decides which of the templates he's going to use.

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He draws his table parts in Macromedia Freehand and transfers his design to the Ponoko templates.

Design file

More help & resources

Look at the materials catalog

3. Make it

Jeff uploads his templates to his My Ponoko account.

He chooses a making hub (different hubs have different pricing and business terms).

In his My Ponoko account, Jeff organizes his designs to be cut out - getting a price as he adds his .eps files and materials. He pays with his credit card and waits for his design to be shipped.

Jeff's table

Jeff receives his cut parts. As he puts his table together, Jeff sees some of his parts don't fit neatly together. He has to spend time sanding individual parts to get them to fit perfectly. He finishes his table, but wants to make sure that his next table needs less sanding.

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4. Refine it

Jeff looks in the making FAQs and the materials catalog for advice on how to make his parts cut out of his chosen material fit perfectly. He then modifies his design, so his next table will have a better fit.

5. Sell it Jeff's finished table

Jeff makes a new version of his table and decides to sell it.

Jeff's finished table Read the Selling Steps

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