Sue's jewelry idea

Get making Sue's step-by-step jewelry

1. Imagine it

Sue is a maker who also enjoys playing on her mac. She wants to make jewelry and has a rough idea of what she wants to make.

2. Design it

To get started, Sue downloads and reads through the starter kit. Though she's never drawn in a vector software package before, she has a go at drawing her jewelry idea in Adobe Illustrator.

After she's drawn up her ideas, she checks out Ponoko's online materials catalog for specific details about the materials she can use.

Sue's design file

Sue transfers her design to one of our templates and once she's checked it's correct, she's ready to upload it to her My Ponoko account.

More help & resources

Look at the materials catalog

3. Make it

Upload to Ponoko

Sue uploads her .eps file to her My Ponoko account and she chooses a making hub (different hubs have different pricing and business terms).

Ponoko shipping

From her My Ponoko account, Sue arranges for her design to be cut out and shipped to her house. She pays with her credit card and waits for her Ponoko package.

Sue's made stuff

Sue receives her cut out parts and makes her jewelry.

Sign up - and start making and selling

4. Refine it

When Sue has the cut parts in her hands, she sees there are areas where she can improve her design. When she hangs her bird shapes from a necklace chain, she notices that the hole she's made is too big, and that the hole itself is in the wrong place.

Sue goes back to her .eps files and makes the necessary tweaks to perfect her design. She then uploads her new .eps file to her My Ponoko account and gets her parts cut out and shipped again.

5. Sell it Jeff's finished table

When Sue's happy with her finished product, she's able to use her My Ponoko account to sell her jewelry. To find out how...

Sue's finished jewelry pieces - Notice how Sue reduced the hole size and moved it to the bird's tail Read the Selling Steps

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