You can design a product and get it made in your own Personal Factory.

You can also edit and mashup the product plans you download from Ponoko to create something completely original. Just remember to abide by the designer's copyright license.

Ponoko makes it simple for you to 'click to make' with a place to get:

  • Free advice to create your own or download existing product plans.
  • Free instant online quotes to make product plans .
  • Free and secure online storage (and sharing) of your product plans .
  • A range of materials to make products plans.
  • Production of the items you order using our make-on-demand technology.
  • Product shipped to your choice of location and product plans downloaded to your PC.
  • A 30-day money back guarantee.

Start making now!

Itching to get making?

Then download the starter kit

Everything you need to start making: The Ponoko making guide (pdf) and all 3 Ponoko templates.

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