Certified shop FAQs

Certified Shops help create a more trusted online marketplace.

Sellers who have verified their street address (either their residential address or the business address that they operate from) with us will be displayed as a Certified Shop.

How do I get Certified Shop status?

We verify your street address by sending you a unique certification code in the post. You must use a physical street address and cannot use a PO Box. When you receive your code you email it to us to complete the process. The code is unique to you and can only be used to certify the Ponoko membership that requested it.

What are the benefits to buyers and sellers?

Buyers can purchase from Certified Shop sellers with more confidence. Sellers are therefore more likely to increase their sales and prices by becoming a Certified Shop.

Can Ponoko guarantee where a seller lives or operates from?

No. However we do know with some degree of certainty that the person who requested to be a Certified Shop is the same person that emailed us the unique certification code we posted to them. This means we have a physical address that is related to an email address at a certain point in time.

What if I shift my location?

You retain your Certified Shop status when you shift and you can keep your address details updated on Ponoko.

Does my Certified Shop status expire?

Yes. It is valid for two years at which time you will be required to apply for Certified Shop status again. We will send you a reminder email before your status is due to expire.

How much does it cost for a Certified Shop?

A Certified Shop is FREE for all Prime Personal Factory members. If you are not a Prime Personal Factory member you can not attain Certified Shop status.

Your privacy

Protecting your personal information is very important to us. Under no circumstances will your address information be made available to anyone other than Ponoko (except in the case where we are legally compelled to provide this information via a court order).

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It's FREE for Prime Personal Factory members to get a Certified Shop.

We will email you when we send your certification code. If you don't receive our letter within 10 days of the email, we will send it again to the same address at no additional cost.

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