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A 3d asterisk-shaped table lamp made from stained MDF and japanese rice paper.
Multiple designs feature on the 30 seperate faces of the lamp, yet the design on each face connects seamlessly with its adjoining sides.
The finished piece stands at around 34cm in height.

I'll construct the object for you: staining the MDF, applying the rice paper screens to the inside and conducting the tricky step of glueing the whole thing together (tricky because it involves glue, rubber bands and elbows).

In order to comply with local laws and power systems, you'll need to provide your own light source. I recommend a low wattage compact flourescent bulb (7 watts or less).

If you'd like to have a go at constructing the lamp yourself, I can provide detailed instructions and a reduced price due to flat-pack shipping and your (fun) efforts in construction.

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Made from MDF and available in the natural MDF light brown colour or stained a deep brown.
Behind the MDF is hand torn and applied Japanese rice paper with its distinctive hand-made texture. The paper is white by default, but other colours are available

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