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This is a very popular new design that lots of companies are starting to copy. I'll be no different and add it here, for you to make one of your own!

This template set includes the main body, which is exactly what you would expect for the style, but I've added the cutout for a Jazzmaster-style vibrato, 'cuz you know, every guitar should have one of those! It includes the pickguard template, two small templates for the string-thru-body ferrules (one for 5/16" flanged ferrules, the other for 3/8" flush-fit ferrules), and the neck pocket template which has four holes from the standard bridge for reference, and two larger holes to place any bridge with a 2-7/8" post spacing (Jazzmaster bridge, Mustang bridge, some Tune-O-Matics, etc.). I also added a Jazzmaster pickup rout to the neck pocket template, just because I thought some people might like that.

• Neck pocket template is 1/64" oversize to account for paint thickness.

• This template is made for any guitar neck with a 25.5" scale Fender Stratocaster-style neck heel (radiused heel).

• Original template by Paul Rhoney

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Made from 1/4" thick natural MDF.

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Clear Acrylic

Made from 1/4" thick clear acrylic.

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Reviews of Telemaster Guitar Routing Templates With Strat Heel

Scott says:

This is my second template from this store and I am just as impressed with this Telemonster template as I was with the Polariscaster! Top notch all the way and it is so smooth it is almost enjoyable tracing the different build options on a huge pad of paper.

The great thing about these templates is all the extras to make an accurate pickguard or go crazy with pickup combinations. My very first build was with a T-Master from ebay and it was such a hassle getting a pickguard that fit! T-Masters are new, and rare, from Fender, so there is no set standard of what is correct as far as shape of the pickguard and placement of the control plate.

You can easily find one piece pine or swamp ash and some plastic (or Bakelite) for a pickguard and you will be so far ahead both financially and from lack of frustration this reusable template is a bargain!

Later this spring I will be picking up a "Sally" template as I am going to build Mustang guitars for all three of my kids. I do not know who is more excited. ;-)

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