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This device will help you to dry your socks really fast.

1. Insert the device into both socks.
2. Put both socks and a hair dryer on a flat surface as shown above.
3. Turn the hair dryer on and wait until your socks are dry.

On average it takes just 3 minutes to dry cotton socks and even less for synthetic. The process is completely automatic. You can do whatever you like while drying. Just don't forget to turn the hair dryer off.

*depends on fabric thickness and density.

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Pictured above

Made from black acrylic

$14.00 Buy this option

Material on demand:

Color can be customized. You can choose any 3 mm/0.118 inches acrylic material available at Ponoko. Just put it in the comments to your order.

$14.00 Buy this option

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Anywhere in the US

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