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Inspired by the heeled footwear of the same name, the Stiletto Laptop Stand snugly holds your laptop in a wooden stand. It lifts your laptop screen up to eye level and provides an area to place your documents and pens for handy, and easy, work flow.

Once you try it you'll won't be able to work without it. It can be self-assembled without any glue or other fittings. Made from thin MDF, this is one of the most unique laptop stands you can have on your desk.

Options include engraving your logo or name on the front or back panels. Anything you want can be engraved. Get in touch if you have a special request or if you don't see your shipping destination listed.

Assembly instructions video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-mghGsfAUrA

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MDF - Natural

MDF - Natural

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Reviews of Stiletto Laptop Stand

Dan says:

I got a laptop stand off John and it's great. I recommend it to everyone.

Added about 11 years ago. ( delete )
John says:

Thanks Dan, appreciate it!

Added about 11 years ago. ( delete )
James says:

Nice design!

Added almost 11 years ago. ( delete )
Garrison says:

Very Nice looking John,
Just something for you to consider as I just finished a prototype of a stand for my MacBook Pro today- Mac's have an annoyingly limited angle limit for the tilt of the screen. Your stand looks like it may be too slanted to work with a mac. I think with my revisions, the back will be no more than 10cm higher than the front and that should work... I'll let you know. Once again, beautiful design.

Added over 10 years ago. ( delete )
John says:

Hi garrison, a Macbook is fine (that's what I use) but, as you quite rightly point out, a Macbook Pro won't

Added over 10 years ago. ( delete )
James says:

A question: At what angle does the body of the laptop sit, relative to horizontal?

Added about 8 years ago. ( delete )
James says:

Laptop body sits approx. 41 degrees to horizontal. :-)

Added about 8 years ago. ( delete )
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