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stencil for a Go Board with 1.42mm Slots - 22mm Line distance - 13 X 13 - 1mm Buy files now › USD $ 2.00
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this is a stencil to easily layout a go board or goban upto 13x13

this stencil design will allow one to easily make their own go board on their own /paper/wood/tile/etc/ using a permanent marker.

I used this to make a 9x9 one one side of a cutting board and 13x13 on the other side.

One colors in the horizontal lines then rotates the stencil 90 degrees to complete the board squares.

it is laid out for a Chinese style square of 22mm x 22mm with 1mm line widths using a"08" and "01" micron archival ink markers.
The combination of the two in the 1.42mm slots allows for a ~1mm line width on the board.
update: ended up using "pentel sign pen F" for the 13x13 in pics.

to make the star point marker diameter of 4mm I used a separate (~$4 from amazon) drill gauge.

for 9x9 one places masking tape at 176mm for the line length and count 9 lines to be drawn/colored in/.

I used
Acrylic Clear 0.060 inches - 15.118 inches x 15.118 inches
the thickness is important to get the markers into the slot and produce the ~ 1mm line width. Too thick and the markers can't get to the edge.

USD $ 2.00 justLearning would like to share their product with the following license Attribution NonCommercial NoDerivs license Read the fine print of this license Buy design files › Once purchased this file can be downloaded immediately.

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