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stainless and bamboo spreader Not for sale
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Made from stainless steel sheet and boo-ply, this small but stylish spreader fits perfectly in your hand and allows for easy spreading on crackers or bread.

Reviews of stainless and bamboo spreader

Jared says:

The picture is squashed because the format was too wide. I tried to change it but the site automatically keeps doing this

Added over 8 years ago. ( delete )
Timothy says:

A quick-and-dirty way of fixing this would be to add whitespace to the picture itself (e.g. make the dimensions square by adding white pixels to the top and bottom) that is, if you haven't tried this already....

Added over 8 years ago. ( delete )
Additional info: Listed on Aug 15, 2009 Viewed 2770 times Report this item to Ponoko

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