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Penrose tile coasters, clear acrylic, set of 8 Buy now › USD $ 39.00 - 79.00
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Set of 8 (2 sets of 4 patterns) thick, transparent acrylic coasters, laser cut and engraved into the shapes of Penrose tiles. (Penrose tiles form an infinitely non-repeating pattern out of 2 basic shapes.) Sharp, clean lines and precision fitting. Pieces are irreglar, but roughly between 4.4–6.6" diameter. Due to the nature of Penrose tiling, there's no one way to fit them together. Photos show 0.354" thick acrylic. Glass of rosé not included ;)

Please note, the pattern isn't designed to tile into an expandable, solid surface of Penrose tiles. Rather, the tiles are configured to lock together into interesting compositions that emphasize a dynamic, asymmetrical aesthetic.

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0.354" thick clear acrylic

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0.177" thick clear acrylic

$39.00 Buy this option

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