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A stand that holds one fountain pen and one bottle of ink.

The pen support recess is 14mm (about 9/16in) inside diameter and should suit any small or medium size pen. The central cutout suits a modern bottle of Parker Quink.

The design is intended for the "P1" size material and suits material up to 6mm thick. It has been successfully made with the cherry veneer MDF. The walnut and oak veneer MDF should also be fine because all are the same notional 5.7mm thickness. Euromaple plywood (5.8mm) might also work. Acrylic and other plastic materials will not work due to the likelihood of cracking.

To assemble, first separate the cut parts from the backing paper and sand off any scorch marks from the wood surface. A light sanding is sufficient, and it will be much easier to do this before putting the pieces together. Just sand the surface, retaining the dark cut edges.

Insert the tabs of the ink shelf into the slots in the rear wall and press fully home. The shelf should click into the rear wall without much trouble, but a few taps with a mallet may be helpful. Mate the bottom shelf to the rear wall below the ink shelf. Again, press it fully home. Offer up the two side pieces and snug the tabs of the shelves into the slots of the sides. When everything is properly aligned press it home using a few strokes with a mallet (or your fist).

After assembly the complete piece can be varnished, stained, shellacked (as in the photos) or left natural.

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