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Mini-Lathe Apron Gear Cover Kit Buy now › USD $ 12.95 - 17.95
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This cover is designed to solve a problem which many mini-lathe owners have had (or will have) to deal with at one point or another: the problem of chips falling into the apron and jamming up the hand-wheel gears. And while it's true that a jammed up hand-wheel is more than a little aggravating, the problem is actually magnified by the fact that you must completely remove and dismantle the apron assembly to properly clean the gear train of all the offending swarf (not an especially complicated task, mind you, but certainly not one you'll want to tackle when you're just about to take some finishing or threading cuts on that intricate piece you've spent the last several hours working on).

The cover installs over the entire gear train assembly to keep foreign material out. This eliminates the need for future clean-outs, as well as giving you the ability to add lubricating grease to your gear train without the fear of it attracting dust and dirt (which can also cause problems over time). It installs using four small machine screws (included) that fit into holes which you will have to drill and tap in your apron (NOTE: If you don't have the required drill and tap, select material option #2 below and I will include one of each for an additional amount).

This cover was designed and tested to fit on the Harbor Freight 7x10 Precision Mini Lathe (harborfreight.com/7-inch-x-10-inch-precision-mini-lathe-93212.html), but should also fit on other similar models as many are produced by the same factory. The following is a list of similar lathes on which this cover should fit:
Cummins 7x12 Mini Lathe
Grizzly 7x12 Mini Lathe
Homier 7x12 Mini Lathe
Micro-Mark 7x12 Mini Lathe
Micro-Mark 7x14 Mini Lathe

While I do not have access to any of these other models (which I would need in order to physically verify a proper fit), my research indicates that they all use the same apron casting and therefore should work without issue. As with any custom-built item, however, some fine-tuning with a small file may be necessary to achieve a proper fit.

Shipments are normally made within one business day from the date of purchase (though two or more days may be required under certain circumstances). An email will be sent to you containing the tracking information as well as an estimate of when the package will be sent.

PLEASE NOTE: The thickness of the cover shown in the pictures above is exaggerated in order to enhance its appearance. The actual cover is approximately half as thick to allow adequate clearance for the leadscrew cover.

Material options and prices (All prices are in US$ and exclude shipping costs):

This item is available in the following options:

Cover Kit

This option includes one clear acrylic cover and a set of four #4-40 stainless steel machine screws.

$12.95 Buy this option

Cover Kit + Tooling

This option includes everything from the above kit, plus a #43 drill bit and a #4-40 tap.

$17.95 Buy this option

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