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This sign is to remind us of Kate and her deck (a place for reading, red wine, and social gatherings). Kate’s passion for improving literacy in Western Australia will live on in the many lives she has touched. To respect Kate’s ideals, this design is provided to the community for others to build upon.

The design is free of charge. You can use it on the proviso that you share a small part of your personal expertise in the education of others. You can do this in any way that you wish and your contribution need only be small. If you’re a busy person then you can always contribute to a charity like The Fred Hollows Foundation http://www.hollows.org (Kate’s chosen charity).

This cottage sign is made from ply wood and is doubled sided. It features pyrographic hatching for text and illustration. There are also two red acrylic wineglass inlays. Laser cut edges are also used to frame the sign.


The design is fairly simple to put together - the two etched panel are put back to back and the frame slots onto these panels. The sign is designed to go together with minimal glue so it is important that you use ply wood or something similar (acrylic wont work - it wont compress). You then glue the wineglass inlays into position (back to back as well).

You have to use 6mm/0.24in for the sign and frame - the inlays can be any material/thickness.

To customise the sign, grab Inkscape or your favourite SVG editor and download the files. The SVG files are setup for Ponoko lazzzoring, so the line thicknesses may be too thin to see at first - just select all and set the line thickness to be thicker.

For those not familiar with Ponoko nomenclature - blue lines are cuts, red lines are heavy etch, green lines are medium etch, and magenta lines are light etch. You should be able to replace the text and pictures with your own.

To get the snazzy paint effect on acrylic, simply brush water based paint into the etching and wipe the excess off with a rag or paper towel.

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