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These sleds are ideal for usability testing. Watch your clients using your apps on the i-phone, i-pad, and Android devices.
Get great feedback on how users actually use your apps. Use this information to refine your software and make people love using them.

Hear their screams of rage and anguish change to enjoyment and laughter as you improve the usability of your fantastic and much needed applications.

Of course, these work for all phone/tablet models.

Simply attach your phone to the base of the sled and a camera to the top. The design keeps them out of the way but allows you an unobstructed view of their actions. (If you don't have a dedicated camera, you can attach another phone as the camera). (User recommendation) - Use iGlasses app to easily adjust white balance, exposure and flip/mirror the image as you're recording.

The sleds arrive flat. Instructions are included on how to use a simple two slot toaster and 5 minutes of your time to bend them to suit your particular needs and devices.

Includes a mixture of sizes (choose below) for i-phones, i-pads, Android, and Windows8 devices of all kinds.
You think this is too many - give them away, or sell them to your friends.
I will contact you before manufacture to detail your requirements.

Material options and prices (All prices are in US$ and exclude shipping costs):

This item is available in the following options:

Acrylic - White, Clear, Black

Having sleds that do not stand out seems to be the preferred option.
Choose one of the choices below and indicate your color in the comments.

$91.00 Buy this option

4 Large, 4 Medium

mixture for pads and phones. The most popular choice.

$91.00 Buy this option

3 Large, 5 Medium

mixture for pads and phones.

$91.00 Buy this option

2 Large, 6 Medium

mixture for pads and phones.

$91.00 Buy this option

1 Large, 7 Medium

mixture for pads and phones.

$91.00 Buy this option

8 Medium

Ideal for phones only.

$91.00 Buy this option

4 large, 4 medium - prebent

Pre-bent into shape and shipped in a bigger package. (much more expensive as I cannot get the bulk discount shipping available to Ponoko. (60USD to ship))

$176.00 Buy this option

Shipping costs:

The designer will ship to the following destinations:

Destination not shown?

Contact the designer and see if they'll add your destination.

New Zealand








South Korea

Reviews of iPhone Usablilty Testing Sleds

James says:

This sled has been a key tool in our usability testing of ESPN's mobile applications and websites. It provides a real view of how users interact with the device - and the lightweight nature makes using it with handsets and tablets easy.

Added almost 8 years ago. ( delete )
jason says:

Disney Interactive has been incredibly happy working with Mark Schafer. We made an initial proof of concept order and loved it. We had a combination of iPad & iPhone sleds and the camera mounted atop was rock solid. The sled itself although clunky in appearance at first, participants during tests picked them up and didn't mind the minor extra weight after a few minutes. Plus it's so important to see where participants are swiping on the device.

We placed a 2nd larger order and Mark asked us if we wanted anything different. Well, since he asked, I suggested a wider base for the iPad sleds and he delivered. It was such a great experience, I would definitely recommend them.

Added almost 7 years ago. ( delete )
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