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This docking stand is made for iPhone 4's in thick skins or housings such as the Otterbox. The design includes the option to insert the Apple charging cable so the phone can charge while in the dock.

Designed for 3mm materials, the photo shows clear acrylic, but any 3mm sheet material would work. The design fits onto two P1 sheets.

The locking wedges hold it all together so it can be disassembled and packed flat, or with a drop of glue on each wedge it can be locked solid.

Note: To keep the Apple gods happy, I have changed all Apple logos (as shown) to a Banana.

Material options and prices (All prices are in US$ and exclude shipping costs):

This item is available in the following options:

Clear or tinted acrylic

Made from 3 mm clear acrylic or tinted acrylic

$65.00 Buy this option

MDF or Ply

Made from 3 mm MDF or Bamboo ply.

$75.00 Buy this option

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