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Guitar TID '09. verb: "Strum" Not for sale
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This is a mini replica of a guitar for the TID '09 class. The objective was make an object to display movement to a particular verb, and I choose the verb "strum". Here you can see the guitar is made of black acryllic plastic, and wood in the middle to make it thicker. It has screws and spacers on the bottom, and attached is another piece of plastic that is holding a guitar pick, and when you move the piece of plastic back and forth the pick strums the guitar strings. You can also twist the screw in the back and it will move the object back and forth to strum it as well. It has real guitar strings, guitar pick and has been decorated to make it look like a real guitar.

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Additional info: Listed on Oct 20, 2009 Viewed 2409 times Report this item to Ponoko

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