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Fruit Bowl 2009a Not for sale
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This bowl was inspired by two other "minimal waste" bowls available on Ponoko. Just search for the word "bowl" and you'll see them.

The finished bowl is about 33 cm (13 inches) across and 10 cm (4 inches) high. It is made of 20 layers of bamboo, each 5.5 mm (0.22 inches) thick. Each ring has four 1 mm holes through it. I use the holes to tie the rings together with 20-gauge copper wire.

Here is the "trick" I'm using to turn a flat bamboo disk into a three-dimensional bowl. The wood is cut into 20 concentric rings. But the rings are not perfectly round (this becomes more obvious as the pieces get smaller). The dimensions are cleverly staggered so that the 6-to-12-o'clock diameter of each piece matches the 3-to-9-o'clock diameter of the next bigger piece. Therefore, when you take them apart and rotate every other piece by a quarter-turn, the left-to-right span of each one overlaps with the top-to-bottom span of the one underneath, so they stack instead of nesting.

The first thing I drew was the profile. I wanted it to have a nice shape.

Isn't it funny that we have this idea of a "bowl" that doesn't have to hold liquid?

The cutting laser creates a two-tone color effect: all the vertical surfaces of the bowl are coal-dark, while the horizontal surfaces remain bamboo-pale.

I have not posted this bowl for sale because it's too expensive. It costs about $100 to make just one, mostly because of how long it takes the laser to cut 20 rings and 80 holes. It's also very fragile. If a lot of people like the concept I'll design a cheaper and sturdier version.

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