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A set of laser cut guitar (or other stringed instrument) fret slotting templates. They are made to work with StewMac's fret slotting miter box, for easy and accurate fret slotting.


This set includes five separate templates, with a different scale length on each side. That's a total of ten different scale lengths.

24" Jaguar/Mustang Scale
26.94" Jaguar/Mustang Baritone Conversion Scale

25.5" Telecaster/Stratocaster/Jazzmaster Scale
28.625" Telecaster/Stratocaster/Jazzmaster Baritone Conversion Scale

22.5" 3/4 Duo-Sonic/Mustang/Musicmaster Scale
25" PRS/National/Dobro Scale

24.562" Gibson Scale
24.625" Gibson Scale

30" Mustang Bass/Bass VI/Musicmaster Bass/Hofner Bass Scale
34" Precision Bass/Jazz Bass Scale

The Fender scales have the extra slot for the nut included, and all of the templates have 26 fret notches. They all feature a centered hole near one end so they can be hung up and stored safely when not in use.

The acrylic material makes them very durable, and makes it so the double sided tape used to hold the template to the fretboard doesn't mess up the surface of the template over time. Instead it cleanly removes when you're done cutting the slots.

●Note: If you only need a single template or two, use the "contact designer" button on the right and send me the scales you need and I can quote you a cheaper price for a smaller set. I can also set up templates for custom scale lengths, if what I have available isn't exactly what you need.

Note to international buyers (Canada and Mexico included):
Ponoko's international shipping prices have gone up over the fast few years. The quoted prices are for domestic US orders only. I can ship internationally, but please contact me first so I can give you an accurate total price.

International buyers who order templates will have to be invoiced through PayPal to cover the extra shipping costs, or will have their orders refunded.

Material options and prices (All prices are in US$ and exclude shipping costs):

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Made from 1/4" thick natural MDF.

$65.00 Buy this option

Clear Acrylic

Made from 1/4" thick clear acrylic.

$90.00 Buy this option

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