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This is a concept for a mass customized product, that is designed and build using facebook data. The result is a necklace which is a unique shape to you. This shape will be based on the open data available via the Facebook API, these figures would be used to create a the form, and etching of the necklace.

The yellow necklace is one of the jewelry pieces that was made by Ponoko. Although the yellow acrylic looks nice, the contour lines are harder to view that the burnt lines on the ply.

Finalist Results Update

I am not going to see these pieces of jewelry yet, I'm looking for an experienced Flash developer who can help create my vector forms using facebook data. If you can do this and would like a share in revenue, please get in touch.

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Additional info: Listed on Mar 09, 2008 Viewed 6055 times Report this item to Ponoko

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