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This is a Eurorack-format panel for the "Random Looping Sequencer" synthesizer DIY project (see below for more information), created by Tom Whitwell. This is an original design by (d), a.k.a. glitched (http://glitched.org), but the template was based off of Whitwell's original work. There is a simple, 4HP "expander" panel included in the .svg file, which has labels for clock output and four individual "random" triggers (all taken from the expansion header on the back of the main module).

The picture gallery (linked below) includes examples of prototypes on black matte and white acrylic. Both versions look cool, but the black matte version with the thinner "data window" looks most striking. The white version with the heavy-rasterized window didn't work out as I hoped. The LEDs dance around like ghosts, but they're too diffused to give any meaningful user-output.

+The matte materials are not recommended if you're going to be using the "fill-in, then wipe the excess away" method of in-filling. The material is porous and it will be very difficult to get rid of smudges. Glossy acrylic is pretty hassle-free.

+I used "heavy raster" engraving for the text and symbols, but the cuts seem unnecessarily deep for in-filling using a Lacquer-Stik. There's too much excess paint to wipe off. I have no experience with the other raster intensities, so I can't tell you if they will give you better results.

+If you want to put a knob on the "range" pot, you'll be covering part of the second arrow symbol.

These designs are an Attribution NonCommercial license. In other words, you can't sell them, but you can remix them; if you do that, you have to give me credit ("original by (d) of glitched.org" or similar).

Picture gallery: http://is.gd/jLmu8L
Project page on muffwiggler.com: http://is.gd/OHWNIg

glitched would like to share their product with the following license Attribution NonCommercial license Read the fine print of this license
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