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In brief:
This double nine domino set is the first design I ever ordered from Ponoko. Using a P2 template, it cuts out 55 pieces ranging from 0-0 to 9-9. The material shown in the pictures is green flouro acrylic, since that was what I got them made out of. I hope others will experiment with other materials and let me know how they like it. Enjoy!

What is it?
A set of double-nine dominoes--that's 55 pieces, going from 0-0 to 9-9.

How was it designed?
I made the design using Inkscape on Ponoko's P2 template.

Back up, what are those things?
-Inkscape is open source, free to download software for making things like SVGs that you can upload to Ponoko.
-The P2 template is Ponoko's medium-sized template. These are available for download on Ponoko's website. To get a design made, it must be on one of these templates.

What material is that?
I used green flouro acrylic. Looks pretty cool, right? This was my first order from Ponoko, so the decision to go with this material was partly (ok, largely) based on curiosity about the material. It's not the ideal material for a domino set, but that's what I had for picture-taking! They still look pretty neat, if nothing else. The good news is, for anyone looking to make their own set, I think you should be able to pick out your own material to experiment with! If you do, I hope you'll let me know how it turns out.

What else can you tell us about the design?
The border of each piece is cut out with simple cut lines, and I was extra careful not to duplicate. The line down the middle of each domino piece is medium vector line engraving. The dots are medium raster fill, with medium vector line engraving around the border (Ponoko recommends this for sharper edges).

If you're new to laser cutting and want to understand the above terms better, this is great reference material: http://www.ponoko.com/starter-kits/inkscape

If you have any questions about this particular design, just reach out. Hope everyone likes it!

Cristina would like to share their product with the following license Attribution NonCommercial license Read the fine print of this license
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If the license allows it, you can also modify the design if you like.

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