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DIYLILCNC Version 1.0.2 (OUTDATED) Download free files now ›
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ATTENTION: The fine folks over at DIYLILCNC currently have a kickstarter up for Version 2 of the DIYLILCNC project. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/chrisreilly/diylilcnc-20-open-source-plans-for-a-low-cost-cnc
They're looking to meet the funding goal by Tuesday Aug 23. Support them if you can.

The downloadable file here is more than likely outdated and I strongly recommend you check out
http://diylilcnc.org to find the most recent version of this open source CNC machine.

I'll leave this copy of the files up for an general example of nesting parts.
Full set of laser cut MDF parts for the DIYLILCNC Version 1.0.2
Website for DIY LIL CNC: http://diylilcnc.org/

-Parts nested onto a total of 7 P3 sheets.
-No part names are included to lower the cost as much as possible. All the positioning arrows and marks remain.

Material: This set of files should fit the 0.25 inch MDF from the US hub. Further testing is needed to be sure.

Cost Breakdown:
Making:$291.97 (@ $1.35 per minute)
Materials:$61.46 (7 P3 sheets of 0.25 inch MDF)
Prime: $39.00 (lowers per minute to $1.35 from $2)
Shipping $0
Total: $392.43

Some Remaining Tasks:
-Setup up a small sample file for people to test fitting prior to ordering parts.
-Setup version which contains all part names etched. Although smaller font than in the current .ai
-Setup version that etches small numbers onto parts instead of names.

Released under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license.

Note: This file is WIP and has not yet been tested. Use at your own risk.

ShoppingZen would like to share their product with the following license Attribution ShareAlike license Read the fine print of this license
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If the license allows it, you can also modify the design if you like.

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