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This is a super easy project to print and assemble! This customizable digital photo frame features a 4.2” touch screen TFT display to showcase all your favorite memories. Perfect on your bedside table or desk at work. Setup a slideshow and let it run! It also has a TV out jack (cable included) so you can show your photos and videos on the big screen!

But wait... not only is it a digital photo frame! It features all the functionality of a media player (because it is one), including music and video player, e-book reader, FM radio, recorder, calendar and more! So you can slide it out of the frame and use it as a media player or e-book reader! It has a TF memory card slot in addition to its 4 GB internal memory. It comes complete with USB charger, AC charger, headphones and TV cable (AV cable). This is the perfect gift for someone special!

Note: When you purchase the electronics kit you will also receive the CAD files for the frame so you can customize the frame if you want before you print it! (e.g. add your own design or lettering). Personalize it and put your favorite pictures of that someone special on it before you give it to them!

Once you've downloaded the STL files visit http://www.project3dprint.com to order the electronics kit for this project! The kit will be posted to you via FREE global shipping! In the mean time you can get printing!

project3dprint would like to share their product with the following license Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike license Read the fine print of this license
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