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Crocodile-ball Not for sale
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Thirty crocodiles entangled in a magic ball; no glue, no screws.
Find the underlying geometric pattern to weave the crocodiles together. If that’s not enough challenge for you; invent your own rules how they interact. There are three different crocodiles and you decide how they can or can’t interact. ‘Would you still be asleep if someone was biting your tail?’

Reviews of Crocodile-ball

Stacey says:

this is soooo cute, have you considered selling it? can you fit them together in a ball shape with less crocs for smaller or more for bigger? have you tried? you could even sell them seperately or in sets of the 3 different crocs. or call them gators, and youll win over Gainesville, Florida, home of the UF Gators!

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Additional info: Listed on May 01, 2008 Viewed 4146 times Report this item to Ponoko

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