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Arduino(TM) Pro Mini/Micro Acrylic Case Buy now › USD $ 10.50
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To see how the Arudino Pro Mini (or Pro Micro) fits go to our showroom and view the "arduino-mini-pro-kit-w-large-case". The listed price is for one (1) pre-assembled case for Arduino Mini Pro 5v/3.3v. Arudino Pro Mini and USB Breakout Board not included. The case is held together with glue and bolts (4-40 x 1.25"). A small acrylic L-bracket is included to mount the Arduino to the case. Features include:

- H/W/D: 64mm/45mm/25.5mm
- Case fits Pro Mini or Pro Micro
- Case has cutout for female or male headers on all pins except A4,A5.
- Two (2) cutouts for USB-Micro. (3mm x 8mm)
- One (1) cutout for square IC/Sensor for ex: light sensor, LED. (2mm x 6mm)
- One (1) acrylic L-bracket - allows mounting of Arduino to case without glue.

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This item is available in the following options:

Green Hornet

Made from fluoro green acrylic

$10.50 Buy this option

Blue Moon

Made from fluoro blue acrylic

$10.50 Buy this option

Silk Weaver

Made from fluoro pink acrylic

$10.50 Buy this option

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